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Dr. Momeni Review Dr. Momeni Review

Dr. Momeni is extremely patient and takes the perfect amount of time to explain current procedures. He answered all my questions regarding possible side affects and responded thoroughly when I inquired about possible future procedures. His entire demeanor lends itself to a wonderful experience. I would, without hesitation, recommend Dr. Momeni to all my friends!

Reza Momeni Review Reza Momeni Review

Dr. Momeni is one of my favorite doctors.  He is extremely knowledgeable and always educates on different options so I can make informed decisions.  He and the staff are terrific - I never feel self-conscious, vain, or uncomfortable.  The office recently moved/expanded and it's beautiful - spacious...and as another reviewer stated "spa-like".  He is one of the rare doctors who gets to know his patients and remembers specific things discussed even after not seeing me for a year.  I also love the fact that he puts his skill to use with nonprofit/volunteer organizations around the world (Smile Train, Healing the Children).  We spoke about his upcoming trip the last time I was there.  I highly, highly recommend Dr. Momeni.

Review Dr. Momeni Review Dr. Momeni

39 Year Old, 1 Child, Runner - Wanted to Feel More Feminine.  Dr. Momeni is a great surgeon who I would recommend to all my friends and family. He is incredibly professional and works with you and your body type to achieve very natural results. My surgery, as well as post op were both seamless.

Review Reza Momeni Review Reza Momeni

Dr. Momeni was recommended to me by my trusted ob-gyn of 20 years who was performing a hysterectomy. I had twin by caserean and had loose skin hanging over my scar. Dr. Momeni performed a tummy tuck at the same time as hysterectomy, which saved double anesthesia cost. His patient explanations and expertise took away any apprehensions I had about the additional surgery. I was most inspired to get to my ideal weight pre-surgery and lost 80 lbs with careful diet and exercise. I am extremely pleased with the results and am planning an additional procedure in a few months. The office staff and nurses are very caring and efficient. I was never kept waiting and all aspects were handled very well. I highly recommend Dr. Momeni for any plastic surgery.

Dr. Reza Momeni Dr. Reza Momeni

Had eyelid surgery in October, 2015. Because of the confidence and trust I had in Dr. Momeni, I sailed through the surgery without worry. Dr. Momeni is knowledgeable, skilled, personable and, importantly, conservative. I healed well, and Dr. Momeni called me at home after the surgery to make sure I was doing well. The entire staff is helpful and friendly, which put me at ease. I would not consider going to anyone other than Dr. Momeni if there is a further need. Hope this helps, and good luck!.

Reza Momeni Review Reza Momeni Review

My Eyes Don't Look Tired Anymore - Caring, warm and a very skilled surgeon. The results are fantastic and it is only three weeks after the procedure

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